What people are saying

I first meet Kimberley at the Center for Sports Medicine when I needed help with a back problem . She is very knowledgable about the biomechanics of the body and understands exactly what part of the body needs strengthening . There are so many Pilates instructors out there , but not with the experience of Kimberley . I highly recommend seeing her

– Ron L.

I started Pilates in ’98 when I was being thrown on an Aikido mat a thousand times a week. I tried lots of instructors around SF and Marin. Kimberley stands out because she pinpoints where the body needs work and finds the right exercises for me at the right time. As a professional dancer, she is highly attuned to her own body and her years at St. Francis Hospital’s Dance Medicine Clinic puts her in the elite. I’ve taken literally hundreds of private sessions with Kimberley on and off over the last 10 years. She really is as good as it gets.

– Gary S.

I’m an out of shape mom & ex-dancer with several old injuries. Kimberley is so knowledgable about how she needs to work with me. She, herself, is a dancer & mom & seems to intuit exactly what I need. I’ve only had 3 weeks with her & already have noticed a change in my body. I didn’t intend to work on my injuries (vanity came first), but I’m so grateful that she is taking care of me as well!! She works right out of her home, so no fussy studio. I highly recommend Kimberley for anyone trying to get their body back but perhaps doesn’t have a lot of time, like myself. She’s smart, sweet & skilled (& will work your CORE!!!!).

– Courtney C.