About Me

In my 20th year as a certified senior-level Pilates instructor, I am dedicated and inspired to teach the Pilates Method.  I’m inspired to teach people to achieve life-changing, corrective, functional movement, and full body strength – starting at their body’s deepest core musculature.  More benefits of Pilates could also include flexibility, balance, mindful use of breath patterns, aligned posture, increased space between joints and increased strength to support joints, more energy, less pain, and more joy in life.

After receiving my A.S., I attended Saint Mary’s College’s LEAP program (working professional dancer’s B.A. program.)  In 1999, I survived a life-threatening cervical spine injury, and was led to extensively study The Pilates Method as an amazingly powerful and refined tool for orthopedic injury rehabilitation and prevention, as well as an unparalleled conditioning program for all levels of movement, dance, sports, and performance art.  I completed an advanced teacher’s training program at Turning Point Studios in Walnut Creek, and then was hired where I had rehabilitated from my cervical spine surgeries;  For seven years (2000-2007) I worked at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital’s Center for Sports and Dance Medicine in San Francisco and Corte Madera, Ca. – Dr. James G. Garrick, Director.  As a certified Pilates instructor, Dance Medicine Specialist, and Physical Therapy Aide, my education and experience was in orthopedic rehabilitation (concurrent or post physical therapy), injury prevention, and sports and dance conditioning.  I’m grateful to have studied from and worked with some of the most masterful connoisseurs of the body such as; Mercy Sidbury, Nora St. John, Marie-Jose Blom, Elizabeth Larkam, Jean-Claude West, Brion Charles, P.T., Dr. David Kell, Dr. James G. Garrick, Kathleen McDonough, P.T., Deborah Rose (Director San Francisco Gyrotonic), Jane Austin (Master Yoga Teacher.), and many more who inspired me so very much.  In 1988 I studied with Jocelyn Olivier and David Weinstock at Alive & Well!, Institute of Conscious BodyWork® and NeuroMuscular Reprogramming(NMR)® ,I became a Certified Massage Therapist.

Pilates Training

I thoroughly have enjoyed working with students from Marin Ballet, Marin Dance Theatre, San Francisco Ballet School, and Studio ‘B’ in Israel. My past experiences as a professional dancer, a certified massage therapist, and a certified medical assistant and phlebotomist have laid the ground work for me to work with clients of all ages and physical abilities. I am inspired to work with performing artists, athletes, the senior community, and children of all ages. Motherhood has inspired me to work with pre/postnatal women.

Having healed rapidly from my total hip replacement in 2018, I am very enthusiastic to teach pre and post surgery strengthening exercises to insure quick healing from total hip replacement (THR) surgery, spine and joint surgeries.  Working with the senior community is a passion of mine, and I long to help people who experience pain and discomfort in their daily lives.  I have often worked with scoliosis clients.  I worked often with my aging father who had Parkinson’s and Type 1 diabetes, and Pilates-based movement increased his quality of life tremendously.  Life is short, and I want to help people feel better while we live in these precious bodies of ours.  

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